Finding an Excellent Shared Web Hosting Service

Let's face facts, your new and wonderful website is going nowhere without a web host. When you first start off with your online empire, you will need to look at using shared hosting because it will be in your budget range. Sure that the dedicated hosting packages look tempting but it will cost you!

It is not possible to find high quality shared host that have 99% + uptime and great support. Make sure you ask some important questions before you go grab your credit card. 

Here is a shortlist to get you started:

1. Can the server support the number of visitors/users you expect?

2. How experienced their tech support and system admin guys/girls are?

3. Do they have redundancy in their server – what happens in the event of a blackout?

4. Can they provide hosting packages designed for your needs?

Support is so, so, so important when it comes to choosing a web host so make sure their technical support is available 24/7. The last thing you want is to be stuck waiting 24 hours before they can get back to you from the other side of the world.

Never underestimate word of mouth referrals and online reviews  – some of the best web hosts I have found (and still used today) came as a recommendation from another web admin.

Backups of your data are very important. Now you should be keeping these backups yourself but your host should have a backup of your data that you can use in case of emergency.

There are many hosting resellers out there but you really want to deal only with the owner of the server -otherwise, your support issues can take forever to get fixed 

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