Find A Statutory Declaration Solicitor?

A legal declaration can be described as a written affirmation that the statement conforms to the best of the knowledge of the individual who is making the declaration. It must be executed in the presence of an attorney, commissioner for oaths, or notary public. Statutory declarations are typically used to meet the legal requirements or regulations when no other proof is available.

Statutory declarations have to be 100% accurate and truthful and therefore, a different solicitor than the one who is acting for you in a legal issue will examine the declaration under statutory law to make sure that it is legal for the purpose of being fair. You just need to search online like “statutory declaration near me” or “statutory declaration solicitor” in search engine.

statutory declaration near me

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  • A few examples of the ways that statutory statements can be utilized:

    • People who want to change their name, as legal means of changing their name so that they can put it on official documents such as driving licenses and passports.

    • Through banks and financial institutions, money is transferred to those legally able to handle the estate of the deceased for example, executors of wills

    • Identity declarations, marital status, or nationality in the event that documentary evidence is not available

    • Directors of the company who declare solvency before entering voluntary liquidation

    • Confirming the provenance and quality of the goods that are to be exported or imported

    • Declaration statements of the origin of an item that is part of an application for a patent.

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