Do You Know What Are Your Basic Tenant Rights?

Although the rental laws vary slightly by state, there are human rights observed in all relationships between landlords and tenants. Know your rights if you maintain peaceful and productive relations with your landlord and locals.

While you are required to pay a monthly rent of the house you rent, you also enjoy fundamental rights as a tenant. You can even know more about Massachusetts residential lease agreement  from various online sources. 

First, your landlord is responsible for keeping the home you are renting shaped tip-top, free from threats of injuries that can occur in a home, and ensure that the property is well suited for human habitation. 

It can mean as little as ensuring that the house has a waste disposal facility, bath, and toilet drains are not blocked and that the house is not inhabited by pests or molds that are harmful to your health.

You also have the right to request repairs to the home that are not part of normal wear. For example, if a washer/dryer is included in the lease, you can ask your landlord to carry out the necessary repairs to make it functional again. 

If he refuses to do so after the number of legally defined days, you can have the repairs done yourself and the cost deducted from your monthly rent. 

Just do not do unnecessary repairs to damages resulting from your negligence or irresponsibility in maintaining the house, or you can end up being a subject of expulsion.

Although the house you rent is managed by an owner, it does not have the right to enter your home rented at any time he wants just because he holds a duplicate set of keys.

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