Dance Steps With Hindi Bollywood Songs

If Bollywood dancing is your passion, you will love to be able to dance like Shah Rukh Khan or Hritik Roshan, or perhaps Aishwarya Rai, or Madhuri dixit.

Bollywood Dancing, the newest dance trend is growing every day. Although there are many Academy Dance Schools. Studios offer private Hindi dance classes in Bhangra and Folk as well as pageant training and groom & bride dance training. For more dance information you can visit the website

The well-known choreographer Nakul Mahajan, a classical dance academy's choreographer, makes it easy to learn Bollywood dance steps. His dance repertoire includes Indian classical Kathak and modern Jazz. There are many other choreographers who can teach Hindi dance.

All classes and programs are planned well throughout the year. All tuition, whether monthly or quarterly, are available at the appropriate fees for each student. 

Many Dance productions are  groups of Bollywood-trained dancers. Many of them have been awarded in prestigious dance contests. NDM Bollywood dance troupe also performs at private weddings and local functions.

Bollywood dance troupe was recently seen performing in Hollywood studios and on network television. Dance troupe is a star-studded group that performs with Nollywood stars. However, they are culturally rooted and ready to promote Bollywood dancing and keep their fame.


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