Cintiq 21UX Has Wonderful Utilities

Cintiq is a product from Wacom Intuos and has become very popular with artists in recent days. The new model from Contiq is the Cintiq 21UX. The pen efficiency and ergonomic qualities of this device are great.

Players are very happy to find such a device from Wacom Intuos. There are many companies that provide cintiq on rent like Animation Tech in MYC and Los Angeles. You can hire it on rent and experience its quality. 

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The sensor technology for the new nib offers excellent grip, and the artist should not apply any pressure before painting. In short, Cintiq 21UX has a natural feel. The tablet design of the previous version makes it more user friendly and user friendly.

The Cintiq 21UX typically has eight programmable buttons on each side of the tablet, especially above the frame. The greatest feature of this tablet is that you can position the display at any angle on the screen. The angular flexibility varies between 10 and 65 degrees. At the same time, this device is also detachable for any type of VESA compatible installation.

There are other advantages to using the Cintiq 21UX. The function of this device can only be changed with a thumb. There is a round button on the front of the tablet. The function to be performed must be selected using this button, and the center or pointer must be used to move the touchpad up and down.

The Cintiq 21UX usually comes with a Corel Painter pen holder and sketch pad. Other things included with this device include the Nik Color Efex Pro as well as the fast one from Wacom. This amazing device is priced at $ 1,999 and is now available in almost every country in the world.


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