Children’s Clocks – Top 5 Features to Look For

There are several different types of children’s clocks available on the market today. Some have features like colour coding, durability, sound machine, or sleep timer. Read on for some helpful hints to find the right children's clock for your child. Some even have more than one function! We've listed the top five features to look for when buying your child a new clock! And there are many more benefits besides clocks to choose from.

Colour coding

Colour coding is an excellent option for kids' clocks. A colorful clock will catch the attention of kids, but it can also serve as a nightlight or sound machine. Set it to play a soft song to wake your child up in the morning. This will be particularly helpful for children who are experiencing sleep regression. But you should always keep in mind that colour coding may not work for every child. If you are not sure if it will work for your child, check its user manual before purchasing a children's clock.


Parents often ask themselves whether a children's clock is durable enough to last through the years. The answer is "maybe." But durability isn't the same as "yes." In order to decide which kids' clock is the best choice, look at its material. ABS or silicone, for example, is both child-safe and durable. And, while children may not be able to tell time with a clock that's carved from wood, they can probably discern when a clock has lost its faceplate.

Sound machine

Many parents choose to purchase a children's sound machine clock for their child to use as a nightlight. Many parents find that the machine's soothing sound is a welcome distraction for a child who is having a difficult time falling asleep. But before you buy a sound machine, make sure you know what you're looking for. Read product reviews and talk to family members and friends about their experiences with sound machines. You should also check if the manufacturer offers a warranty and a return policy.

There are many reasons to purchase a children's sound machine clock. The benefits are numerous. Children love the calming sounds and may prefer a clock that mimics a womb sound. Some of these clocks can even function as a lullaby machine. Some of these clocks are battery powered and come with a USB cord. Some have a sleep-time light that turns off automatically after a period of time.

Sleep timer

A sleep timer for children can be an excellent tool for lulling your child to sleep. These devices work by giving your child visual cues that tell them when to get to sleep or wake up. Some even double as sleep sound machines! When you are in the middle of the night, a sleep timer for children will help you wake your child up before it is too late! Here are some reasons why a sleep timer for children might be a good investment.

A sleep timer for children can be used to set a specific time that is a convenient length of time to stay asleep. Once the timer has run its course, the device will turn off all sounds, so it will not interfere with a child's light schedule or alarm clock. Even better, you can set the timer to start at a specific time and stop it at the end of the selected amount of time.

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