Brand Image And Social Media In The Information Age

With the turn of the first decade of the new millennium, the world had entered a new age- the information age. With the rapid advent of technology and the spreading of the internet, the world has been transformed into a global village. If you want to explore regarding social media management in Abu Dhabi then visit

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The remotest of places are connected by the World Wide Web. And everyone, from the school-going teenager to the heads of the world's biggest corporations, is taking advantage of this online revolution. With e-mail, the days of letter writing were over; and it did not take much longer for the death knell of telegram to ring. 

But the biggest impact-makers were yet to make their arrival. When they did, it was in the form of social media. Within the span of a few years, the world was abuzz with the latest big thing in the information age- social networking sites.

Social networking sites also function as guides before purchasing a new product. The existence of the huge number of product discussion groups on sites like Facebook and Reddit makes it clear how much the discussions on these forums can influence a consumer's choice. It is, thus, vital for any business organization worth its name to properly invest in social media management.

Almost all the business organizations, these days, have their company pages on all the leading social networking sites, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or some other such site. Investing in social media marketing is no longer seen as a superfluous expenditure by the companies, but a necessary and vital way of promoting their products.


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