An Expert Guide To Buying A High quality Cigar

What is the "body" of the cigar and does it matter?

When we heard the term ‘body’ in regards to cigar, we immediately equated it with the strength of a cigar. For example, the full body cigar should only be enjoyed by those who are experienced as cigar smokers and who have found their way to cigars.

"New smokers should start on the gentle high quality cigar and not be forced to smoke with the same stick that your uncle blew on at family gatherings. You can also browse this website to get more information about high quality cigars.

high quality cigars

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Do we have to look for a specific cigar shape?

"There are many different forms of cigars – also known as vitoli – and cigar smokers can be very specific about who they like best," said the tobacco customer. Vitoli can be divided into two main categories: regular or "parejo" and irregular or "figurado". 

Parejo cigars have the same diameter at the top and bottom and have a rounded head. The figure can have a pointed head or dots at both ends. Another common form is a culebra, three thin cigars wrapped around one another like a bunch of snakes.

There are subtle ways in which shape can affect taste. For example, a Perfecto cigar has a different diameter at the top than at the bottom. That is, the taste changes due to the difference in the amount of tobacco that must be filled at each stage of the cigar, which can change during the smoking period. 

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