All About MassMutual Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is known as a type of "permanent" life insurance that is valid for life. At first, you and the insurance company decide on the amount of your policy – which is called the death benefit. 

The premium is called the cost of insurance. You are insured as long as you pay the premium. You can also read the best MassMutual whole life insurance review to get the best life insurance.

Which Life Insurance

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So you've signed up for life insurance and you know what your premiums will be. This premium is shared by the insurance company, part of which goes into a cash account that aims to give you "cash value". The other part covers the actual part of your life insurance.

Let's dig deeper into the process

1. You pay your premium

Each month the insurance pays a portion of your premium to your cash account. The distribution of how much is invested and how much goes into your policy varies over the years. 

2. The value of your money increases (very slowly) over time

Your insurance gives you an interest rate (invisible) on the value of your money. If that interest isn't worth thinking about, it's going to be the nearly obsolete one you see at the "pick it up before it runs out" booth.

4. You die before maturity and the value of your money is lost

If you don't do anything with that money value in your life, guess what? Insurance keeps it! Your family receives a death benefit while the insurance company collects your cash bill.

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