All About Food Photography Tips

Are you about to plunge into food photography? Here are our top tips to help you get on the right path to capturing incredible food photography!

Good Lighting

Food photography, as well as every photography style, is about excellent lighting. A good lighting system doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy 2 studio lighting and a beauty dish some softboxes, etc. 

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The majority of the time, great lighting happens naturally and you just need to find a good window that's not blocking out harsh lighting (overcast days are the well for me) and set it up to your lighting as you normally would. 

For those who need the option of shooting at night lighting is the only choice, however, if you have the option to use them, do so in the daytime.

Do diffuse, bounce, or take whatever steps you need to achieve the best lighting effect. You'll be amazed at how few adjustments will bring highlights to life. I generally carry a few whiteboards around with me to bounce lights around and mirrors that are portable. It's incredible how useful whiteboards can be.

Props and arrangement

Pick props that compliment the food and look. Food should be the star and the props to be in place to serve as "backup performers". The principle is that the less is more and don't get too complicated when you don't need to.

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